Roof Structure

Posted: May 26, 2011 in C4D Tips & Tricks

In this tip im am going to show you the link between ArchiCAD 14 and C4D R 12 . How one can export an object from Ac14 and edit it in C4D .

Roof Free-Form

1. We have a simple house and what we are going to do here is go into the ArchiCAD 14 3D window and select the roof .

2. Here we shall export the selected patio roof slab to C4D using the Edit Selection option cause we only want to make changes to the roof.

3. In C4D it automatically opens the entire  model but only the selected slab roof will be editable

4. We have used the Bezier NURBS object to free form the room and have come out with this result .

5. Now we are finished in C4D and we are going to send the changes back to AC 14 .

6. So when you send the object back to AC14 it saves it as a new object that is editable .

7. Here is the object selection box to show you that the object is editable .

8. The floor plan where we can see the plan of the patio roof  and sections and elevation lines .

9. As you can see here is the long section through the new roof .

10. As you can see here is the short section through the new roof .

11. This is what the elevation looks like .

So as we come to an end just a quick wrap up .

Using the combination of ArchiCAD 14 and C4D is a great help to AC uses ,cause the free form usage of C4D takes everything to the next level in visualization and architectural industry .


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Posted: May 20, 2011 in C4D Tips & Tricks


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